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Beginning With Basics

What is the first thing you choose when getting dressed for the day? Your statement piece? You're favorite jeans that go with anything?

For me it's my top. That one decision makes the rest for me. It chooses which bra I'll wear, what pant waist height goes best, if my shoes will be casual or dressy.

But when I start with an item I made for Simpler Co. I could take that outfit ANYWHERE, and that's what I love about having gorgeous basics in my closet. Pictured above is the Workday Dress in black. Now this is a sleeveless dress but I could throw a sweater over it like i did here, slip a turtle neck underneath, pair it with some leggings and booties or my work boots. It could go ten different directions.

Styling has always been important to me it's what makes an outfit a whole look. But we can't have closets of just statement pieces. Somewhere in between we have to have the pieces that make those items stand out.

So go ahead, buy those hot pink bell bottoms, but make sure you've got your go to white shirt to go with. I recommend our basic tank.

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