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Hi, I'm Mackenzie, I'm the face, brains and hands behind Simpler Clothing Co.

I started Simpler Co. as a fun project to curb my shopping habits, turns out I did the opposite. I loved how the garments I made for myself created a base line for my closet, eased my morning decision fatigue and paired well with almost everything; so I decided to offer that to everyone.

Simpler Co. has three major goals/values that each design is filtered through: function, fit and simplicity.

Every design starts from a place of need in the ideal "capsule" wardrobe, and it's function in your closet and in your life. That means your Studio Top can be your office attire, your out-to-dinner fit and your running errands uniform all in one.

From there it goes through the fit test. Through fit-testing real people I have developed a size grading philosophy that I found best served the widest variety of bodies. That said, if you don't see your size send me a message and I'll make one just for you!

Finally simplicity: as I pattern the garment I pair down every unnecessary detail until what is left is an uncomplicated, streamlined garment guaranteed to work beautifully in many different ways.

It is my greatest hope that these garments will live a long, long life in your closet and on your body. Every item is made with integrity and longevity in mind.

So cheers to the beauty of our bodies and the things we put on them.